Bring your NFT to Life

We allow you to bring any NFT to Life by using our Augmented Reality (AR) technology. You will have the ability to uniquely display your NFT amongst the real world so that you can showcase it in a new way to your friends!

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AR View

By connecting NFTs to the real world by using our AR technology will allow you to display your NFT in new ways. You can now get creative as to how you will capture and show your unique collectible to the world!

Easy & Secure

We made it very simple to load NFTs from any ETH address. Simply insert the address on the app and we will load the NFTs that are on that address. There is no need to login or connect your wallet so your wallet is perfectly safe! This also allows you to load other ETH address’s NFTs so that you can bring their NFTs to life and share it with them.

Brought to Life

With certain collections, we are focused on bringing them truly to life within the real world. Projects like Meebits, we will be introducing the ability to load their 3D model in the real world and offer dances and animations that they can perform!

Truly Alive

Cool things that await us next

Started development of Lyfe AR

Launch Lyfe AR on iOS

Launch Lyfe AR on Android

Add AR video recording feature

Launch our own 3D NFT collection with AR use in mind